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Isn't "Free" a beautiful word?

By now you've probably heard about the "Law of Attraction." The hit DVD titled, The Secret, helped to spread the word about this important natural law which describes one key aspect on how our world operates in a spiritual sense. By implementing this law, what a person gives freely without attachment will automatically come back to them in multiple abundant ways.

With the Law of Attraction in mind, I happily present to you 5 FREE SPECIAL REPORTS covering a wide range of dating, relationship, love, and communication topics. I hope that you find this information valuable so that you'll want to tell your friends about how they can receive these same FREE special reports as well. (You'll even get all of the credit!)

Each special report contains simple and powerful information that any person can use to take immediate control of the important relationships in their own personal and professional life. In addition, all five of these special reports will come to you as a gift... ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE! (This is a $59.95 retail value)

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At this time, let me take a moment to describe each of the special reports that you're about to receive.

The Men Are Like Fish Special Report

sampleFind out the best places (what I call "Favorite Fishing Holes") where can meet high-quality, eligible men for dating and romance by using the fishing metaphor for love. Enlightened anglers (smart women) will receive a lot of handy information including lists, tests, and exercises that are designed to raise their overall awareness around such interesting topics as:

  • 280 Places Where The Big Ones (Good Men) Are Biting
  • 40 Hot Spots Where "Rich Fish" Are Caught Off-Guard
  • 6 Major Keys To Determining Your Best Fishing Buddies
  • One Simple Test To Evaluate The Friends You Already Have
  • 20 Good Buddies To Go Fishing For Love With In The Future
  • The 5 Uncanny Qualities Of A "Keeper"
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    The Dating Rocks! Bonus Report

    sampleIn my first five plus years serving as the guest relationship expert on iVillage.com's "Ask Mr. Answer Man" message boards, I've come across many common issues that are significant to a large number of love-seeking women. In this Bonus Report, you'll discover a sampling of these key issues that I approach from an honest, objective male perspective including the following:

  • 5 Keys To A Great Online Personal Ad
  • 7 Steps To Catching A Man Off-Guard For Love
  • The Attraction Self-Quiz For Women
  • 9 Keys To Breaking Up With Dignity
  • The Love Partner Test For Sizing Up The Men In Your Love Life
  • 6 Smart Strategies For Overcoming Rejection
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    The Talk Like A Winner! Free Report

    sampleOver a period of nine years, I had the good fortune of participating as both a student and trainer in the seminars of peak performance expert, Anthony Robbins. During that time, I learned cutting-edge communication skills through Mr. Robbins' Neuro-Linguistic Professional Certification and Life Mastery Training. In this special report, I'll cover "The Do's and Don'ts of Unconscious Rapport Techniques." Through extensive practical research, I've discovered that unconscious communication techniques are a two-edged sword. While they may help elevate your awareness of the communication process, if improperly used, these same techniques may also cause other people to avoid you. What I've done here is give you 7 simple and powerful techniques that anyone can use successfully in their everyday communication as well as 7 other methods you must avoid at all costs.

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    The Radio Talk Show Bonus Articles

    sampleIn the course of doing over 230 radio talk show interviews to promote the releases of Men Are Like Fish and Dating Rocks!, I wrote a series of articles in response to listeners' questions and concerns about dating, romantic love relationships, communication skills, and understanding men. Here are some helpful pieces of advice designed to increase a woman's chances for success in these key relationship areas of her life:

  • 12 Smart Moves For Online Dating
  • What Should Women Beware Of In A Man's Online Ad?
  • How To Get Men To Respond To Your Online Personal Ad
  • Why Do Men Ask For Your Number But Don't Call?
  • Should A Woman Ever Ask A Man Out For A Date?
  • How To Get Someone To Fall In Love With You
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    The iVillage Interviews With Dr. Bob Berkowitz

    sampleIn December of 2006, iVillage.com, the world's largest online community for women, invited me to New York City to do a series of live video interviews. The host for the show was former news correspondent and best-selling author, Dr. Bob Berkowitz. Here is a sample of the topics that we covered under the general heading of "What Men Won't Tell You, But Women Should Know":

  • Can An Average Man Handle Dating A More Successful Woman?
  • What Are Instant Turn-Offs For Men?
  • What Do Men Find Sexy In Women?
  • What Do Good Men Want From A First Date?
  • What Do Women Commonly Want From A First Date?
  • Why Do Men Lie To Women?
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    Free Reference Articles

    sample For my upcoming newsletter and blog, I have created several FREE reference articles to help people understand more fully my ideas around the topics of dating, relationships, love, communication, and life success. I will continue adding to this list of articles as the newsletter evolves over time. To read these informative articles, please click on their corresponding hyperlinks.


  • THINK: Operate from an enlightened mindset

  • LEARN: Stretch your communication range

  • ASSESS: Determine the type of situation you're facing

  • SMILE: Start your conversations in a friendly way

  • CHOOSE: Select the right subjects to discuss

  • ENGAGE: Grab the attention of your listeners

  • COMPLIMENT: Make other people feel appreciated

  • ASK: Pose questions that help increase the conversational flow


  • THE POWER SOURCE: Dating rocks when you love yourself first

  • EXCESS BAGGAGE: Dating sucks when the past weighs you down

  • IRRESISTIBLE WOMEN: Dating rocks when men find you desirable

  • LOSING LOVE CANDIDATES: Dating sucks when you choose the wrong men

  • BAD LOVE ODDS: Dating sucks when you're in a poor love situation

  • LOVE CONNECTIONS: Dating sucks when you misjudge how well you click

  • THE CERTAINTY PRINCIPLE: Dating rocks when you create convictions of the heart

  • AUTOMATIC EXCELLENCE: Love rocks when you maintain an attitude of gratitude


  • Who Are You Dealing With?

  • Be The First One To Greet

  • Start Speaking At A Snappy Pace

  • Focus More On Expressing - Focus Less On Impressing

  • Be Humorous Without Being Silly

  • Start By Saying That It's Going To Be Quick

  • What Could No Eye Contact Mean?

  • Pause To Let Others Respond

  • Avoid Persistent Complaining And Criticizing