"Women haven't had someone they can trust for sound advice on romantic relationships, dating tips and everyday communication skills from a friendly & honest male perspective.... until now!"

Dating Tips

Here's a big problem... a really BIG problem: Most women get ALL of their relationship advice exclusively from other women. This common behavior automatically creates a huge mental blind spot.

And here's a valid reason: Most women have yet to find a friendly, honest and sensible man who they can TRUST to provide them with an accurate male perspective... until now!

Hi there! I'm Steve Nakamoto, known in some circles as "The Friendly Voice of the Other Half." What I've done for the last ten years is help women figure out the men in their love lives from a man's point-of-view. I've been providing women with the added CLARITY that they've needed in order to build strong love relationships that last.

It's been one of my life's main purposes to help bridge the "Gender Gap" so that both men and women can experience the JOY of loving relationships. The secret is that all of us can experience JOY right now with a slight shift in awareness and some timely expert help in the twin areas of relationship mastery and communication excellence.

The time is NOW for you to learn the SIMPLE & POWERFUL ideas that I teach in my Writer's Digest award-winning books, audio programs, and personal coaching. Thank you for visiting my website and I hope that you find what you want and need so that you can experience the JOY of LOVE that you know deep inside your heart was truly meant to be.

Who in the heck is this Steve guy? (...but enough about me)

MEN ARE LIKE FISH: What Every Woman Needs To Know About Catching A Man (Writer's Digest Award-Winner)

dating tipsMen Are Like Fish will take readers on a fact-packed fishing trip where they will learn simple & powerful tips on how to initiate great relationships or enhance the ones they already have. The book is sweetly old-fashioned, yet wickedly on target. It is also sprinkled with zippy illustrations and unusually helpful quotations throughout. While this book does not promise eternal love for readers, both single women looking for that perfect catch and those seeking to recapture the romance of an existing relationship will find great value here. Men Are Like Fish is guaranteed to give even the most jaded and discouraged romantic angler a new, more joyful perspective on the oldest sport in the world. This is also vitally important to women because it's commonly known in the sport of fishing that Angry Anglers Catch No Fish!

TALK LIKE A WINNER! 21 Simple Rules For Achieving Everyday Communication Success (USABookNews.com Award-Winner)

communication skillsCommunication is one of life's most essential skills, yet the vast majority of people have never been taught a simple way to master it...until now. In this easy-to-understand book, you'll learn how to handle the 21 most critical steps to accelerating your success with everyday communication. Using these powerful ideas in your daily routine will allow you to create outstanding first impressions, develop unshakable self-confidence, connect quickly & easily with others, avoid costly & unnecessary arguments, keep your romantic connective alive, build strong & healthy relationships that will last you a lifetime, and enjoy the unlimited freedom of self-expression anytime, anywhere and with anybody - Guaranteed!

DATING ROCKS! The 21 Smartest Moves Women Make For Love (Writer's Digest & USABookNews.com Award-Winner)

love strategiesToday's single woman has the majority of her dating frustrations and disappointments explained to her with the trendy phrase: He's really just not that into you. But with a more proactive and positive perspective, Dating Rocks! shows women how to take charge of their own love destiny and not have to settle for whatever man or situation that comes their way. In an easy-to-understand format, you will discover how to effectively handle the 21 most critical moves a woman can make in her love life including: love yourself first & foremost, find your dating blind spots, become an irresistible woman, avoid losing love candidates, stay clear of low percentage love situations, and gauge your love connection more accurately.

WALL STREET CRAPS: How To Play Today's Hot & Cold Stock Market For Fast Money With Less Risk (2012 Global Ebook Awards Winner in the Finance/Investment Category)

trading & investing tipsRisking your hard-earned money in today's volatile stock market has become more akin to gambling than it is traditional investing. But despite its wild gyrations, the stock market still qualifies as one of the best investment vehicles in terms of good odds, high returns, low costs, and instant cash for both big and small players alike. In this easy-to-understand book, you'll discover the 10 most critical steps to accelerating your success in the stock market. Using the following simple and powerful ideas in your approach to stock market investing will allow you to "play" the game correctly, manage your bankroll, and come out a consistent winner instead of a loser: (1) Divide up your funds wisely, (2) Select only the best buy candidates, (3) Evaluate the market with more precision, (4) Know when to place your bets, (5) Stay sharp when you're in game, (6) Decide when to cash out, and (7) Know Thy Self and adjust your play accordingly.

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