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Many people have a natural tendency to avoid making the first move when it comes to greeting another person. After all, you can avoid rejection and disapproval by simply choosing not to engage at all. But this behavior can be easily interpreted by other people as you being unfriendly towards them. One of the simplest ways to develop friendly habits is to be the first one to greet instead of waiting for other people to reach out to you.

When you see the value that other people have and can remain in a positive emotional state, it is easy to begin your conversations in a friendly manner. In addition, it is important to focus on breaking your unfriendly habits and starting new habits like the ones above in order to make your greetings more automatic.

The Bottom Line

Unfriendly habits make other people feel uneasy right from the start. Your job as a master communicator is to greet every person you meet in a friendly manner so that they can feel the natural warmth of your kindness, acceptance, and recognition. Except for the more serious circumstances, a warm and enthusiastic smile creates the best starting point for a mutually enjoyable conversation.

Talk Like A Winner!

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