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When someone tries too hard to impress others with what they know, it usually has a counterproductive effect. Most people also don't like someone who comes across as being Mr. or Ms. Know-It-All. It's a wiser strategy to concentrate on expressing your ideas enthusiastically on subjects that you know first-hand and feel eager to share. People will be more naturally impressed with your love for a relevant subject than with the actual content of your message.

When you express yourself in more effective ways, you'll build a reputation as someone who deserves listening ears. A better reputation allows you to say less because your words will have more weight than before. This will naturally create more balance between the time you spend talking and the time you spend listening.

The Bottom Line

Remember that in order to "talk like a winner" in the broadest sense, you must "express like a winner" as well. All you have to do is follow this simple rule: Learn how to say it well. Once you appreciate the significance of this essential part of successful communication, it's only a matter of practicing and testing this skill every day in your own life until it becomes automatic.

Talk Like A Winner!

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