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In the attempt to lighten the mood or to get people to like us, we often inject humor into our conversations. The catch here is to make sure this humor is tasteful and appropriate. When you overdo it with humor, you risk being perceived as someone who is silly. And a silly person is regarded more as being stupid, weak-minded, and foolish rather than the intention of being clever and entertaining.

By following this simple and powerful guideline, you can keep your emotions in check so that you don't scare people away by being too over-the-top or lull people to sleep by flying too low under the radar. Sometimes these simple distinctions can mean a world of difference to those who aspire to build solid relationships with a wide range of people.

The Bottom Line

When you impact like a winner by expressing yourself with the appropriate emotion, you'll move people with your heart as well as with what you say with your words. All it takes is a keener sense of awareness to notice what is working and what isn't in your communication with others. Often times, it's just a minor shift in your emotional intensity either up or down that will make the critical difference in how you influence other people.

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