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When you speak make sure that you leave room for others to enter the conversation. By pausing periodically, you will allow time for your listeners to naturally ask a question or make a comment. If your audience doesn't have anything to say during your pauses, you've either got them totally captivated or else you've probably already lost them.

When you find creative ways to involve your audience like those mentioned above, you'll be a more effective communicator. The key is to keep adjusting your approach until you find something that works in any given situation. Therefore, the biggest adjustment will come when you increase your own flexibility first.

The Bottom Line

When you adjust like a winner by getting your listeners more involved in the conversation, you'll experience livelier and more effective interactions. All it takes is awareness on your part when things are not working and the flexibility to change your approach until you find something that does. Otherwise, you'll find yourself talking to people who aren't really listening and hoping that you end quickly.

Talk Like A Winner!

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