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Don't you find the English language fascinating at times?

The phrase "the whole enchilada" is an informal way of expressing "the whole of something, including everything that is connected with it." An example of using this phrase would be: The wedding reception that I attended had the flowers, the cake, the presents, the music - in other words - the whole enchilada. We also use similar phrases in our language including "the whole nine yards," "the whole shebang," and, my favorite old-fashioned saying, "the whole kit and caboodle."

So on this page, I am offering you "the whole enchilada" in terms of my communication skills audio CDs plus an autographed copy of my latest book, Talk Like A Winner! (you may substitute your choice of either Men Are Like Fish, Wall Street Craps, or Dating Rocks!) plus a 35 minute one-on-one phone consultation for one low price of only $97. What you'll receive in this special limited-time offer are the following unique products:

Here's My "Whole Enchilada - Coaching & Content Special"

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